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Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

Writing Contest

So... Blizzard started another one.

I am actually thinking of participating.

2,500 - 7500 Words until August 23rd is nothing for a hobby writer like me.

I just have to brainstorm a short plot and set it in stone before I can start to write.

My first idea would be something related to Whispering Gulch or Saronite Mine in Icecrown - you know, people in your team, friends of yours, slowly going insane due to whispers from voices only they can hear. Paranoia, everywhere.
Sounds like a good concept to me.

Another one would be about Vordrassil, the failed world tree. Sadly I don't have any information about the druids that planted him, what their intentions were, how they realized it was tainted and all that stuff.

Idea Number Three: Ulduar.
This raid instance is one of my absolute favorites. A gigantic prison of an old god, guarded by creations of the titans themselves, lost in legends.

I guess I'll first try to come up with something good about Saronite Mine / Whispering Gulch. The other ones are probably likelier to be also chosen by other contestants, although I guess some other people might be as fascinated by these two places as I am.

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