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- Keep in mind guildox requires a certain amount of people in the guild with the respective kill. Progress shown here might not reflect the actual progress I'll be posting about. -

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Pleasant Surprises

Since Patch 4.0.1 it seems like a lot of people here in Caladon are filled with new ambition.

In addition we got some new really good recruits who I absolutely hope will stay. From a personal viewpoint as well as the fact they are good players and fit into our raid very well.

As far as progress goes, we finally could defeat Professor Putricide on Sindragosa on Heroic mode.

After we finally had only these two left we had a few weeks in which we couldn't really try them.

We had a chance to concentrate on these bosses last Sunday and Monday and boy am I happy. Both bosses fell the same evening we tried them. Professor on Sunday and Sindragosa on Monday. This is of course in no small part to the huge damage increase that 4.0.1 brought with it.

Which puts Caladon finally to 11/12 heroic.

That's all I wanted. I know we probably won't defeat Arthas on heroic. And I honestly don't need that kill.

What I'm interested in are the last achievements I need.

Luckily, our raid leaders decided to tackle these achievements  now. 

Yesterday, we did the achievements for the first bosses, from the Lower Spire through the Plagueworks and Crimson Hall up to Valithria.

I'm down to the last two achievements.

All You Can Eat and Been Waiting A Long Time For This.

We will try these achievements on next Monday.

If I am a little bit lucky and we manage to do them, I'll proudly walk out of there with my Frostbrood Vanquisher.

After that, Cataclysm can come - I am waiting.

Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

Rude Awakening

Many people will wake up from a pleasant dream and be faced with bitter reality come Cataclysm.

This reality being that they just majorly suck. I am really pleased that instances are getting hard again. Challenging. Hell, I had fun wiping in Stonecore Heroic for damn four hours and not even finishing the place!

And I know that some things here at Caladon have to and will change with the expansion. The result of these changes hopefully being that we don't have to wipe on bosses which we consider "on farm"

I'm sick of carrying people through the content, I'm sick of doing my best and what do I get? Exactly. Nothing. Nothing but frustration because certain individuals are an obstacle for the raid as a whole.

I won't get my ICC drake.

With the raid lockout changes coming with patch 4.0, the guild that offfered these boost raids will most certainly stop doing that.

I am only missing 5 achievements. Heroic: Frost Wing Halls, because I am missing Sindragosa, Full House, I'm on a boat, All You Can Eat and Been Waiting A Long Time For This.

Five achievements that I'll not be able to complete because there is no other guild here that offers this. Five achievements I'll not be able to complete because the majority of people here at Caladon don't care about achievements.

I wanted to get an instance mount while the corresponding instance still matters JUST ONCE.
But I won't.

I will have completed almost every goal I had in Wrath so far. Getting a Ulduar Protodrake. Defeating Algalon. Seeing every fight at least on normal and beating it as well.
My last goal for this expansion - getting the drake from ICC 10man - I'll not be able to complete.

The worst?
I have to put up with this. Because we COULD get it done. We COULD do it. But that would mean we'd have to focus on these achievements. And tell some people that we cannot take them along for that. But that will not be happening, right?

Instead we are doing alt raids, when we can't even reliable down some bosses with our mains. Instead we are visiting old instances, for which you can put a pug together in half an hour. I mean, seriously. Wasting half an hour of our raid time for GRUUL? He stopped being a menace AGES AGO.

But you know what? Once Cataclysm hits, I'll no longer put up with this. Either Caladon gets rid of some people and starts to once more being a competitive 10man raiding guild which it once was and what was actually my MOTIVATION to apply here OR I'm out.
10man guilds will be sprouting like mushrooms, everywhere.
It's either them or me. And can you really afford to lose some of your better raiders?
I'm not the best one out there, there is no denying that. But I know what I'm doing and you know that.
If you didn't, I'd be kicked for my obnoxious behavior ages ago, because I know for a fact I'd kick myself out of a raid I'd lead. I interrupt people, I suggest different tactics for bosses without being asked and I call out people that did mistakes.
All things that you would not actually consider being nice and friendly.