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Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

And another one killed.

After the horrible performance the day before, the next raid went rather nice.

We finally scored a kill on Deathbringer Saurfang.
Sucara, our holy paladin and I healed the encounter, and I think it helped a lot, that I got the second mark of the fallen champion. I was able to just spam Binding Heal on the other marked player.

Due to the mana-inefficiency of that I ran out of mana just about the moment the boss fell :D

Afterwards we killed Festergut and Rotface another time on heroic, Putricide only on normal - I currently don't even want to think about that one on heroic.
It is kinda amusing how trivial these bosses are ending up. The first phase transition almost happened during the first green slime, nobody ever went dangerously low on HP and even the - at the beginning of this instance - so hard to heal 3rd phase because everyone takes damage everywhere was... kinda nonexistant. He became huge and bulky and angry but... somehow I missed the damage.

After that raidtime was almost up, so we just went over to kill that stupid val'kyr and did two tries on Dreamwalker's hardmode. Well. We were obliterated. But I did not expect anything else, to be honest.

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