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Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

Ruby Sanctum and Beta

Ruby Sanctum is online, and although I haven't killed Halion yet, the fight is interesting.

The trash is semi-hard to easy, the minibosses...

Well, Baltharus is kinda hard, at least if DPS kinda sleep and move too slow and Blade Tempest comes right afterwards.
Saviana and General are not really hard.

Halion... well, I suppose he will be a lot of fun until the common bossmods update and the majority of people who depend on them like on air to breathe can finally handle the boss fight.

I have never before seen that a TANK kept better track of what happened than a healer.
In our few tries we had giant Fiery Combustion/Soul Consumption zones, because people didn't move / move too slow / were dispelled too late.
In one try our druid healer had Soul Consumption, ran around and didn't even dispel himself. Then he died. And half the place was filled with the void zone.
How do you even manage to achieve something like that?

Oh and then there is the EVIL LAZER THINGIE OF DOOM™ that originates from two PURPLE ROTATING BALLS™.
Our tries did last - on average - around 20 to 30 seconds in phase 2.
Yes, dear readers, that is exactly when the funny little laser starts.
And half the raid instantly dies.

These things are basic boss fight abilities that like every second boss in WoW uses. You know, things like "move out from the bad stuff", "manage your debuffs", "dispell debuffs", "move away from the raid with a debuff"
How do these people even manage to raid things like ICC?
Oh wait, it comes to me.... pity-buff.

I will not set another foot in a PuG for that instance on my main realm, until DBM updates - I don't need it to learn a fight, but everyone else seems to.
It's nice to keep track of boss ability cooldowns and stuff, but I could live without. Didn't need it my first time in Naxxramas and survived. And believe me, for a freshman in raiding like I was in T7 content, Naxxramas was serious.

Let's move on to more pleasant things.
The Closed Beta started two days ago, and I am furiosly F5-ing by battle-net page to see if I maybe got an invitation in the last 10 seconds.
Nah, only kidding. I wasn't in the first wave of invitations, but more are likely to come and maybe I'll get one then. We'll see.

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