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Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

For the H- eeeh Alliance.

The first real post is already about my Paladin.

So, yeah, he was a Belf then. I did a faction change just yesterday and the guild - well, actually my guild - took it rather good. They were kinda expecting it already, anyway.

So I gave a good friend there guildlead from my warlock-exmainnowtwinkIevendon'treallyknow and wished them the best. 'course I'll keep in contact, I like them and well... my warlock is still there :)

After the faction change was complete and my now human pally awaited me in Stormwind, I just went straight for Dalaran. Need. Hearth. In. Convenient. Place.

Right after that I joined the local /lfg and well... looked for some people needing a tank für ICC 10 Man.

Didn't have to wait for long. 

Had a great night there, my first hardmodes in ICC - we were stuck on Arthas, the douchebag - Deathwhisper, lolship (and I snatched me the nice shield, om nom. me likes.), Festergut and Rotface. No trinket from Putri.

Sadly raid time was over after that. Well, we searched some time for a few new people, because a few hours later it had been ID reset anyway, but... no success.

So we just roflstomped through Naxxramas. 8 Man Achievement. Undying was almost immediately ruined when 3 people died to Heigan. Dance of Doom!

We snatched the achievement for Kel'thuzad as well, after we wiped first - the other tank and myself overestimated our group :D

That were a few too much abominations for us to handle.

I'll see how that will continue with my paladin. I really had fun tanking again, was awesome. Did lose that a bit in the last weeks on Horde-side.

Oh and my priest... well, we're on Arthas, I'm bubbling to my heart's content and well... for the third time the group is there the first phase and transition are going well, Defile and Val'kyr is still total fail, but... moar practice.

I thought I'll just add these little signatures as well. They will update themselves as my gear improves :) 

And as my achievement e-peen grows, as well.

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