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Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

Defile on me!

... or wait, no, Infest!

Val'kyr soon! Hug the middle! 

Defile soon, spread!

I hate you so much, Arthas.

So yeah, again some tries on this bugger with my priest and the people from Caladon.

Phase 1 - works. I shield, Infest is kinda nonexisting this way (oh look, Infest. oh look, it's gone.)

Transition - works. One Raging Spirit left to drag in Phase 2, splendid.

Phase 2.


Okay, I suppose most of us got it with Defile now. 

Besides the fact it just like 99% of the time somehow drops in the middle and fucks us up.

Val'kyr keep happily snatching and dragging and dropping people, are stunned, slowed and... live. Hate this. The first two val'kyrs are slain, but then we slowly lose some DPS and Val'kyr become a problem.

The cause of death in most cases is.... Infest.

Either I am horribly doing something WRONG or this phase just sucks. As a mainly 10 man only Guild (read: some people choose to not go 25man - like me. Other people do them in good/average groups. And some work daytimes, log in the evening, do a heroic and are gone. This also causes us to do the weekly quest in our regular schedule, which pisses me off to no end. Another half an hour wasted for... a boss which can be 5-manned (looking at you Patchwerk), 2-manned (flame loliathan.) or done with any PUG in like 20 minutes (yes, even you Malygos.))

.... where was I?

Oh yeah. As a mainly 10 man guild we 3-heal this encounter and NEED it. And the 20% buff, seemingly. Well, my shields do NOT, I'm already down to rank 11 so that I get mana back through rupture because sometimes we don't even have replenishment -_-

We have like one person in the raid who gives us replenishment and this one person is currently absent for reasons completely unknown. 

However in phase 2 I have to actually heal so much stuff I just can't shield everyone in time for infest. And keep them topped off. Oh and I am the only one of the healers that actually SEES if someone is still affected by Infest.

I can't call it out on teamspeak either, because if I do, I lose time I could be spending HEALING and trying to SAVE these people, so they'd just... die faster?

I need to get our druid healer to configure whatever she uses (it's not grid.) so that she can see Infest - we're not getting anywhere if Infest happily kills our DPS.

Besides from getting frustrated with my disc on Arthas, I am happily slaughtering stuff in ICC on my tank. Up to 5/12 heroic now, got to kill the Bloodqueen as well. On our second try. Well it was close to a wipe and the kinda screwed up Lay on Hands (Forbearance... really Blizz?) actually saved my pretty paladin ass. Rest of those creeps in there were taken out in normal mode and there's just Arthas standing. I'll watch if I get another invite if they decide to try him in the rest of this week's lookout and maybe one of my raiding characters will finally snatch himself a not-so-fancy Kingslayer title.

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