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Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

I am actually impressed.

On our last tries on Monday we got Arthas down to 29 percent.

That's actually quite a progression for us, and I was very surprised how well people were handling Defile and Val'kyrs from the first try of the evening and on.

After horribly failing the raid day before, we got him to the second transition phase on the first try of the evening - but died soon after because we were kinda surprised and died to Remorseless Winter.

After that we had some bad and some good tries, one of them leading to 29%.

That's only 19% left, or around 3.306.000 Life Points!

Okay, we had only a minute and a half left until his Enrage, but...

Right now, we're still a little discussing how we'll handle the Vile Spirits. We do not have enough suitable AoE effects like Mind Sear, Seed of Corruption, Living Bomb to blow them up before they become active, so we are thinking about just spreading out and outhealing their explosion damage.

Spreading out in a circle would also make the handling of Defile pretty easy in that phase and because there is no Infest anymore, two healers should be able to heal the group through the Vile Spirit damage, while keeping the Harvest Soul victim alive.

At least that's what I suggested. We only had a chance to see this once and our healers (the last time I was shadow priest for replenishment) said that it might be possible. Well, we'll see. Maybe we have our hands on Kingslayer - and thus, hardmodes - soon. It's about damn time as the 20% buff is already implemented, and 25% is probably lurking on the horizon.

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