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Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

ICC Hardmodes

Was a rather successful first raid evening.

Marrowgar did take some tries, some unlucky Spike + Bone Storm targets. Deathwhisper was extremely easy, took us exactly one try. Well, we have fast learning people :)

Gunship is - of course - not worthy of further mentioning


Well, we got him down to around 18%.

Then the first people died to the mark. At least the blood beasts went extremely well, that is almost half the battle already won. In fact, I do absolutely believe that we will defeat him as soon as the healers (I switch to Shadow for that fight) figure out how to handle the marks in the Frenzy phase. Because that is when the marked people are really receiving troublesome damage.

3/12 Hardmodes in our first evening is completely satisfying for me.

That is how raiding should look like for me. I had great fun in the fights. Challenging, some close deaths prevented with my shields and some penance pew pew and when we wiped? Who cares, run in, buff up and try again :D!

With hardmodes my fun in raiding went a few levels back up.

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