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Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

What I wish my gear would look like....

So, I sat down and updated my gear-wishlist, now that we have access to ICC10 Hardmodes

Keep in mind, that I don't run 25 mans, so I disregarded any loot I could possibly gather there.

It will look like this...


Unbuffed I am at 3381 Spellpower then.

Inner Fire is 174 extra Spellpower.

Flask of the Frost Wyrm and Bufffood give an extra 218 (125 + 47 mixology bonus + 46)

That would be 3773 Spellpower selfbuffed.


My shields would be absorbing

(base_absorb+(0.8068+0.08*BT)*sp)*(1+0.05*IMP)*(1+ 0.02*FP)*(1+0.01*TD)
base_absorb is the base absorb given the PW:S which is 2230 at the moment
BT is your Borrowed Time level
SP is your Spell Power
IMP is your Improved Power Word: Shield level
FP is your Focused Power level
TD is your Twin Disciplines level

(2230+(0.8068+0.08*5)*3773)*(1+0.05*3)*(1+ 0.02*2)*(1+0.01*5) = 8518 Absorb

Now, we can add another 5% because I have the t10 4pc set bonus.

Makes 8944 - in every place that is not Icecrown Citadel.

In Icecrown Citadel I have to include Strength of Wrynn. Currently standing at 20%, final would be 30%

20%: 10733

25%: 11180

30%: 11627

These numbers are ridiculous :D

But, because I don't really now the exact numbers of incoming damage, I guess I'll be glad about these huge shields - as will the other healers.

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