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Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

Life of a Warrior.

As I mentioned in the last post, I rolled a warrior on Agamaggan-EU, because Gevlon's Project, named "The PuG" interested me.

I reached Level 33 by now.

And okay. It's a PVP-Server. I know that this means I can be attacked by Hordies in most of the regions.

Would someone please care to explain why it is that everytime I fight against... three mobs with at least two levels above mine (which I can handle, because I level as prot), a goddamn HUNTER appears out of nowhere and begins to impale me with sharp, pointy sticks?

I went to DESOLACE because I want to avoid being ganked in Stranglethorn and what happens? A frickin' hunter stalks me in this remote place!

I hate you people with your extremely annoying pets, traps and the fact the moment I reach you I'm half dead anyway and I absolutely SUCK at pvp with melee classes.

Dear Hunters,
please go die in a fire.


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