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Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

This is another achievement post.

Yes, I got a whole lot of things done in the past time.

Here's a few chosen Achievements I earned.

Finally done with Brood of Nozdormu. Yay for never having to enter AQ again!

Proof that we killed Deathbringer Saurfang on Heroic. Buggy armory is buggy.

Hmmmm mushrooms.

This is my warrior alt I began to level on Agamaggan for The PuG

And another faction complete and yet another raid instance I will never visit again.

Oh Exodar, I love thee during Midsummer. All the absolutely clueless non-awaring horde players riding in one after the other :)

I wasn't even aware that obtaining this feat of strength was even possibly. I just was completing a few quest for my 3000 Quests Achievement! (and because I am a lore-nerd and love the AQ story)

Yay, done!
Now only around 100 more quests in Icecrown for Loremaster. Oh group quests, how I loathe thee.

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