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Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Great raid!

After the three week summer break of Caladon, we did a full assault on the evils that lurk in Icecrown Citadel and all I have to say is...


That was a great great great raid, we stormed through previous bosses like they were on normal, not heroic, and then after a few tries the Blood Princes bit the dust. It was a close kill actually with some very scary almost-tank-deaths, but we managed to score yourselves another bosskill.

Which is great. We did a few tries on Valithria after that as well and I was positively surprised.

I was a little bit sceptical, because Sucara, our holy paladin was not attending raid today. We were a three-healer setup as usual, Feuerblatt/Druid, Elementon/Shaman and me/Discipline.

I was sceptic. Especially concerning healing the group, which I usually do - and successfully did on heroic before - alone. Well, the last two weeks with Ritter der Apocalypse made me doubt my own skills as well as the group's on that boss.

It went so smootly. Adds were quickly killed, none or almost none frostbolt volleys were uninterrupted, Blazing Skeletons often died without even beginning to cast Lay Waste.

We are on 9/12 hardmodes.

Only Professor and Sindragosa remain. 

I honestly see enough potential here again to get these bosses down if we keep up the perfomance from tonight. 

Score me another 310% drake, Caladon. That's an order! :D

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