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Freitag, 27. August 2010


my paladin, Darrick, now not only knows how to tank, but also how to heal.

I am still missing a piece or two. A ring, a trinket, I also want the tier 9 helmet, but I have enough to heal some stuff.

I think "once a healer, always a healer" applies. I know how to heal in general, so it just need some getting used to paladin healing. Which is a bit different to discipline priest healing, but... it's easy to learn.


I killed Professor Putricide on Heroic now, with my tank. Nevermind that I was on Abomination-Duty, which means I know almost no difference at all (aside from "oh, that's two oozes now" and "there's someone with a big black cloud around".) buut, considering I fought against Blood Prince Council and Sindragosa on heroic aand killed everything else on heroic as well, that means... 

I know 11/12 hardmodes.

Wow. It feels kinda irreal, because I imagined some fights there to be harder, to take longer for me to see but... eleven of twelve. Only Arthas missing.

I saw almost every boss in the game on all available difficulties. (10man however.)



  1. Rings... Well, there's the Triumph one (Heartmender's, but the ) as well as the Argent Crusade rep one.

    For trinkets, ToC25 has the Solace trinket with massive mp5, Talisman of Resurgence is also good (from Triumphs)- but Tears of the Vanquished is alright if you can't get Solace.

    The 245 mail is probably the best choice rather than t9 as the set bonus is rubbish- as with shoulders if you can.

    Anyway, I find it easy if you remember you have 2 main buttons with the others on minute CDs (Shield, Plea, Beacon, Judgement). Just spam HL/FoL and away you go!

    Grats on 11/12 hardmodes too- an impressive achievement! Good luck with H-LK :)

  2. I'm not actually yet on H-LK, I only killed Putricide on my paladin and saw Sindragosa on my shadow - considering actual kills I'm at 9/12 but more are coming :)

    Took the Tears + Talisman for now, as well as the heartmender circle + ashen verdict for rings.

    And... yeah, it's not actually that hard. Joined a raid for ICC recently.
    Dominated Festergut. 7,5k HPS is completely insane from a perspective as disc priest which I usually play.

    And I had to realize I suck at Valithria.

    And thanks for the comment! :)