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Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

Awesome awesome awesome


I never have to visit a heroic instance on my priest ever again in wrath. I finally got my 2500 emblems achievement, and I couldn't care less about the frost emblems. No more Halls of Stone!


Obviously I left a good impression on the raid members of Ritter der Apocalypse. We are not counting Maraxos in that, mind you. So, I got invited to the raid on Monday, which meant some tries on Heroic Sindragosa. Let's just say that the abundant practice on normal with Caladon results in me never getting hit by any frostbomb (and, if I was about to be hit I could disperse anyway.), not blowing up anybody with the Instability Debuff and Blistering Cold is nothing more than a nuisance because I waste time with running out.

Others? Not so much. A lot of deaths to frostbombs, a few to Blistering Cold... and tank deaths in the last phase because the moron ran way to far out. I mean, I even use grid on my paladin and it is quite easy to set it up that it displays if you are out of 40 meter range of your main healer. ... But that is just me I guess.

Nonetheless, my flawless performance (and a few helpful suggestions like "put the two shadow priests in different groups" for example... yes. It should be common sense, buut...) leads to me being invited AGAIN for the raid this weekend.

Yes. I feel awesome. I am a repeatedly invited random because I know my stuff. Unfortunately for them, I don't intend to switch raids, so Ritter der Apocalypse will be on their own again after this lookout.

What a pity.


Today I was lucky to see a member of Drachensilber, the best guild on our realm searching for a Shadow Priest for their alt run. I immediately whispered him/her.

Requirements? Clear experience and an average item level of 264.

So. I made sure that clear experience (and especially hard mode experience) from the 10 man version is good enough for them (it is). I had him/her check my gear and... I passed - with an average itemlevel of 257 or something on my shadow.

And, even better: He/She asked if I would be interested in a regular spot in that particular raid.

Everything depends now on if I am confirmed for Tuesday, and am able to satisfy them in regards to my performance and especially DPS. I can pull 10k in a 25 raid occasionally and I checked - the BiS-list for shadow priests before hardmodes simulates something along the lines of 11k to 12k DPS.

Means, I am good where I stand, now to get my framerate to a reasonable amount in a 25man. Should work out. Probably have to play on lowest options again, but hey - I know every polygon on these models anyway.

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