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Montag, 23. August 2010

I'd like to have this before Cataclysm hits...

You know this mount, don't you?

It's the reward for the 10 man Glory of the Icecrown Raider Achievement.

One out my final goals before the next expansion hits, is to get this mount while the corresponding instance is still serious business.

I got my Rusted Protodrake from Ulduar 10 man - on 06/10/10. Way way way after the instance was still hard.

This is how it looks like on my priest. Several achievements still to obtain which... are a little bit hard to get in a PuG.

Things like All You Can Eat and Been Waiting A Long Time for This or, of course the Heroic: Achievements.

Missing the boss kills for that: Heroic Blood Council, Heroic Putricide and Heroic Sindragosa.

Honestly... I know for a fact I will not call this dragon my own due to the accomplishments of Caladon. Too many bosses we still struggle with and such things. Nonoptimal raid compositions and the dependence on some people who can't really pull their weight.

The number one guild on our realm, Drachensilber offers boost raids for this achievement for 50k all inclusive.

The buyer has the opportunity to get each piece of loot he needs, the achievements for the dragon...

But... I'm not sure. I think I would still pay 30k for these achievements, but not 50k. I mean, I don't need the loot anyway, I got half the achievement already done on my own...

I think while we do not exactly know when Cataclysm will hit, I'll just try to farm more gold. IF the release date is getting closer and I am still on this stage of progress I'll probably even pay the full 50k.

I know for sure I'd be absolutely capable of getting these achievements without me paying for that with a decent group, but... I like it in Caladon. The people are not exactly total pro players, but the majority is okay and fun. Which is why I am not intending to just switch raid for no other reason than my selfish ambitions of getting me another 310% drake.

If I pay them I'll only be not available for one or two lockouts. And I can still tank then, anyway. But I don't like the thought of paying the same like everyone else who needs everything although I... well got a lot of it done on my own.

Stupid pride.

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