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Freitag, 17. September 2010

This will be lots of fun.

So, I just had the chance to pay the PTR a visit with my priest.

Just one word. Amazing.

In comparison to the current patch, I gained 10k health, a little more than 20k mana, almost 900 spellpower and about twice the mana regen.

Mind you, that is before buffs. 

I like how archangel looks, the wings are cute. I will probably be a little sloppy with healing a day or two until I get used to how I am supposed to heal now... especially because my all around spell has a cast time of 2,5 seconds, which is a bit much if you got Flash Heal down to 1 second and practiced GCD spamming. Strength of Soul seems like an interesting talent. I kinda like reducing the weakened soul debuff.

I really like the change to lifeblood, finally some use for herbalism in a raid environment. I never hit the button as of now, I imagine that will change. 240 haste is a lot.

I honestly imagine Blizzard will take out the nerfbat on healer soon. I can't imagine that mana will be a problem before the expansion is released, it even seems that it will become even less of an issue than it is now.

My in combat regen is actually high enough to keep spamming Heal all day if I want to. With Manaspring / Blessing of Might (new version) and replenishment and rapture I'll probably get more mana back than I could possibly spend.

I'll probably take this spec here on level 80

und upgrade that to this one in the progress of reaching level 85

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