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Freitag, 5. November 2010

I've got my drake!

So, we had a run which focused on the achievements in Icecrown Citadel, the last two weeks.
We did everything on the first 10 bosses on the first day, then Sindragosa on the second raid day of the week.
Didn't get it done then.

But we decided to extend the lockout, because we wanted to get it done.
Which we did yesterday.

Aaaand she finally dropped and All You Can Eat popped up on our screens and ohhellsyes the screams of joy in Teamspeak.
I couldn't actually believe it for a second or two.

We just stomped Arthas into the ground afterwards, Been Waiting A Long Time For This ist not really one of the harder achievements, and so quite some people in our guild finally got their drakes.

I'm really glad we did this, my goals for cataclysm are all achieved. Maybe I'll get to try the fight against Arthas on heroic mode, but I honestly don't care if we can defeat him (which of course would be great) or not.

As far as I'm concerned, Cataclysm could hit right now and I wouldn't look back in regret about not getting something done in time at any second.

On other news, I smashed my way to Level 20 on my belf paladin, which is - considering I have heirlooms - just frickin' awesome. I mean, please, a 1k crit with Templars Verdict (never mind I had a crusader proc and 3 holy power) on level 18?
That's just insane.
I keep oneshotting - or at least twoshotting mobs.
Simply said - it's fun. And for the moment I specced retribution.
Maybe will be prot later - again. But we will see.

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