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Dienstag, 2. November 2010

And you thought he was dead.

A loong loong time ago - well, not actually quite that long, but it has been a while - I primarily played on horde-side.
With Caladon, that changed. My priest became my main, switching focus from my paladin to him - which in course led to my abandonment of the guild I had so eagerly created and - with help from some friends naturally - led through Icecrown Citadel up to the Lich King.

We reached the Lich King a few weeks before I reached him with my priest as well. But, over the course of the weeks, the time I spent on Horde rapidly decreased.

I had realized something. I had no fun there anymore. Reasons were many. Being responsible for everything. The constant moaning and bitching from some people. I didn't have to deal with that in Caladon!

Of course, there were points I was nagging about there as well. But I was only a simple member without much responsibility.

I stopped playing my bloodelf.
I gave my position as a guild master from my warlock to my co-founder.
Ever since, I rarely log in. I did the Zalazane's Fall event, I hopped on when 4.0.1 hit. Even did a raid or two with my warlock. But that was everything.
I even switched my paladin to human a while back.

But now it's time for a comeback.
Since the faction change of my original Sorg, I saved the name. Just in case, if I ever decided to switch again.
Now, I do not intend to faction change back, but instead... I start from scratch.

And so, here he is. In all his current and soon-to-come glory, Sorg the Bloodelf Paladin.

Honestly, I missed the bloodelf model <3

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