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Freitag, 20. August 2010

Awful and nice raids

The summer break of my guild forces me to join random raids (exactly what I usually try to avoid) if I want to earn some badges and some things for my equipment.

Well, two raids stand out this week.

First, a Ruby Sanctum 10 man Raid I joined on my Paladin.

Oh hell no.
Bad healers.
Bad group composition.

We had two healers, one of them a Flash of Light centered Holy Paladin. Now, you can convince me that FoL Pallys can pull the same weight as Holy Light centered ones. It's just... bad bad experience. He couldn't keep us up. The DK Tank went poof within a second or two during Baltharus' Blade Tempest. WE WIPED SEVEN TIMES TO GODDAMN TRASH.
Unbelievable. And the group composition was just... awful.
3 Mages, Warrior, DK Tank, Rogue, Shadow, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin and me. This... is just sooo wrong.

And the second, a ICC25 raid I joined today. I usually don't do 25 man. Primary reason is my computer, 5 fps are just not enjoyable. Especially not as a healer. So, I logged on today, a guildie immediately asked me if I want to join.
I tagged along as Shadow. It went well, we killed 9 bosses, four new kills on 25 man for me (well, I did them on 10 man, they are not actually different, yadda yadda.)

Gunship on heroic, I snatched myself the cloth headpiece, AS USUAL NO PALADIN/PRIEST/WARLOCK TOKENS WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO BLIZZ

Two nice wands dropped and I got neither of them because a roll which is random 100 seems SUPERIOR to a random 99 (which we had to roll if we already got something) even if I roll a 96 and the other one something around 80.

Why don't you just say "1 item per person" instead of turning this into some kind of sick joke? If i rolled HIGHER it is my loot, kthx.

Well. No matter. I got a new helmet. A 277 one at that. Probably the only 277 item I will ever see aside from the little ring from the Ashen Verdict.

Oh and I was doing damage with my healer ring. I will not spend around 300+ Gold every goddamn time I have to switch specs. It's only 285 spellpower anyway and I almost topped the meters anyway.


And I actually had to remind the raidleader shadows are not in need of spores at festergut. And I hate being reminded to reshackle. Trust me - I know what I am doing. I have a wachful eye on the timer of shackle on the mob I am supposed to shackle and recast 10 seconds before it falls off. You will never ever see a mob I am supposed to CC running about happily. 

Enough complaining. It was kinda nice. 

I am thinking maybe I should look for a raid group that is in need of a good shadow priest. Healing is a bit out of question in 25man, but doing damage works out, I did my 10-12k on DPS-Fights, 8-9k on more gimmicky, add-heavy or movement fights.

Especially add-heavy.

I hate Valithria Dreamwalker on Shadow... everything dies before I got all my dots on it... (aside from abominations)

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