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Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Warrior Tanking.

Slowly, very slowly, Xerian, the warrior, is creeping up his way to Level 80.

I try to get the triumph emblems I can each day, which means: one dungeon.

Several things.

I hate people who leave for no apparent reason.
Why do you buff the group and disappear right afterwards?

I hate moonkins.
Don't complain if you blow your cooldowns and starfall and hurricane and aoe everything down and then draw aggro. I'm a warrior! Unexperienced warrior tank, nonetheless! I CANNOT KEEP YOUR AOE-AGGRO.

I love mages who use counterspell.
That makes me a happy tank.

And, after a successful run, I like the words "nice tanking"
Well. I know the basics, I play a protpally.

But the change in tanking is nice. It's a little harder, because you don't have consecrate. And no holy shield, which passively builds up aggro. I actually have to switch targets to keep reasonable threat on each of them.
It's fun.

At least for now.
I probably won't tank in heros. "OLOL not even XXk HP! NUUB!" or something like that awaits me.
Nope. Not needing that. It's sad, the community complains that there are not enough tanks for heroics, but they themselves encourage this problem.

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