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Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Successful Business is good business.

Bankelfs second day finishes.

And, the guild bank already has 1000 Gold in deposit.
I started with 150 Gold on the character.

I now have 304 Gold on the character + 1000 Gold on the bank. Quite a profit.

And, I have also begun to not only sell things, but searching for items below vendor price (for example, I found some pristine monarch topazes - if I bid successful, I can sell the item to a vendor for a small profit (bid is 3g, vendor price is 4g 50s. that's 1g 50 profit per item.).

And, buying out things that are below are certain price, really cheap (the seller probably wants to get rid of it or has no clue about the real value) and reselling them.

Of course I could also lose some gold about the course of that. However, I continue to sell flasks and similar stuff, which almost always gets sold. If I lose the bids, I get my money back. If I win and cannot sell the stuff again right now, I can store it and sell it later.

Apart from happily auctioning, I joined a group for some icc hardmodes today.
We did eight of them, everything Caladon did until now and Valithria Dreamwalker additionally. After that we cleared the rest.

I have never ever seen such a chaotic Lich King fight.
Over the course of the third phase (Vile Spirit Phase) he did four harvest souls.
And mini-enraged four times.
Due to the overuse of druids in this raid (a moonkin, a tree and a cat) we had enough rebirths to rez our tanks and one of the DPS after they died in there.
Well, no matter. Arthas died, I got the full amount of emblems this lockout (30), one achievement (Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion) and two items (Bracers of Dark Blessings and Lockjaw)
Profitable evening altogether :)

Oh and the guy that wanted to stay did leave after all.
Not that it really matters :)

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