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Dienstag, 10. August 2010

In preparation for...

the new addon, I decided to raise some little funds, so that the almost certainly really expensive items at the start of Cataclysm become affordable.

So I created a new character who will be responsible for my Auction House shenanigans.
His name is "Bankelf", Night Elf Druid (who will forever stay Level 1, poor fellow) and I also created the guild "Darnassian Tradecompany" to store everything I farm and aquire for later sale.

I must say, I never before really got into the big business that is to be found in the Auction House.
Sure, I sold one thing or the other from time to time, actually got some gold on my first alliance char I rolled on my main server (before switching my current characters from horde) with mining/herbalism.

But now?
I have access to every gathering profession - Herbalism on my Priest, Mining on my Paladin and Skinning on my Level 66 Druid. The latter I will level soon, so I can get skinning to 450.
I farmed half an hour on my priest in Storm Peaks and half an hour on my Paladin in Wintergrasp.
Adding to that Blacksmithing (Eternal Belt Buckle), Alchemy (transmuting epic gems and selling flasks) and in the future Leatherworking (leg armor enhancements).
I smell a fortune here.

I earned around 700 gold +- a few silver and copper on my first day.
For my first serious day trading that's really much. I still have several unsold auctions, including an Orb of Deception and Saronite Swordbreakers.

I intend to hit character gold cap on this little guy. Sooner or later, of course. Probably later. However, the 25k per character I intend to get before Cataclysm hits seem rather possibly, assuming I can continue to sell stuff that well.

Funny thing to conclude this post:

One of the guys from whom I got a signature for my guild wants to stay. Reason: "just to have a guild beneath his name"
I'm fine with that. I'm even more pleased that he said he wants to deposit items on the bank (I granted him enough access to see and deposit items, he can neither withdraw money nor items at all - I am not stupid, after all).
With a little luck he deposits some good things there which I can sell for lots of gold. Example: what if he stumbles upon "Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight" and does not realize its value?
In return, I assured him my help in the game.
And that's not really much.

First: as long as he contributes nothing to the guild bank, I am equally free to refuse helping him.
Second: currently he is like level 11 or 12 or something. Probably asking me for a boost now and then. Sure, fine with me. How long does it take to run through Deadmines/Shadowfang Keep and so on and just aoeing everything donw? Besides, that does not mean I'll pass on BoEs or thrash drops. Some of these things still sell for a fortune.
In regards to the fact he had no clue what a bankguild is about, I assume he is fairly new to this game.
Third: I am doing the same thing (helping people, instance runs etc) to people I know, people from the guild/raid. In return, I get the same help - which I rarely ever use anyway.
There's nothing wrong with asking payment for helping, that's what our whole society builds upon. You pay me - I help you.

So, what do I get?
A -possible- newbie, with probably almost no clue about the auction house, item values and stuff like that.

What does he get?
Help from a fairly experienced player, in regards to raiding, leveling, quests, classes and their specs (not every last one, but the majority) for the little prize of depositing a few items to my guild bank.

I think that's a good deal for both of us.

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