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Montag, 9. August 2010

A little progress.

So, Caladon is shortly before its "official" summer break, meaning that two healers and a DPS/Tank are going on vacation for ~two weeks.

Yesterday, we had one of the last two official raids before that. The other one is today.
And wow.

That was a great evening, literally. We stomped our way through the usual bosses, everything wipeless which - especially on Saurfang Heroic - is quite a feat for us.

Bloodprince Council on normal because we had only one range DPS (a moonkin), Bloodqueen Lana'thel was obliterated on heroic with even some spare seconds until her enrage.
Well, after two canceled tries, because our first vampire (who had to bite our rogue) had problems actually biting Nuka - he had to run out, he had Swarming Shadows. Every. Frickin'. Time.
After we managed the first bite it was a piece of cake :)

After that we quickly did Valithria Dreamwalker and snatched the Achievement there, Portal Jockey, on the way.

Had a lot of fun there. And with nobody below 8k DPS (actually, no one below 8,5k DPS) on the fights were DPS really matters.

Today we will put Sindragosa and Arthas to rest to finish that lockout, after that we'll see.
Well, if we manage to defeat them, especially Arthas, again.

With that, Caladon now sits at 7/12 heroic. Quite honestly, I personally do not expect anymore. Maybe Bloodprince Council will fall sooner or later, for now it proves to be quite difficult for us, for whatever reason.
Professor Putricide will probably not fall. First, he is one of the most difficult encounters on heroic. Second, we did not even try him yet.
Valithria Dreamwalker... well, I'm not sure. A few of our people sometimes do not manage the adds that well and the healing on the boss is a bit lacking as well.
Sindragosa and Arthas do not even need to be mentioned. In regards to the HORRIBLE problems we had with Sindragosa on normal mode, I'd actually be surprised if we kill her before Tier 12 or something.

On a sidenote, Blizzard, it'd be really nice if we could maybe get another kind of token and not ALWAYS Warrior/Hunter/Shaman >_<
It is actually surprising, but our raid does not consist of only these three classes, I repeat, it does not consist of only these three classes.
Give me my Tier10 tokens, goddamnit.

If you persist on dropping Warrior/Hunter/Shaman, a soon Cataclysm release or alternatively a beta invitation could satisfy me as well

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